What to Talk About a Girl You Like I 10 Topics For Building a Connection

A lot of people struggle to come up with what to talk about a girl when talking to their girl and then they lose their focus and become the awkward ones who cannot even speak a word without making her uncomfortable.

If you also don’t know things to talk about with your crush then
we can help you out here are 10 subjects you can talk about with your girlfriend about.

How do you talk to the girl you’re interested in

The good news is that there are methods to fight off these nerves as well as occasionally, brain farts. The most important thing is to be prepared. You might or may not be an excellent speaker, but in any case, you’re embarrassed if your conversation suddenly stalls and you are left with long, awkward silences. Even worse, you are unable to think of anything you can talk about in the first place.

It’s recommended to be prepared with some interesting conversation topics, whether you’re looking to initiate an exchange on your first date, with the goal of obtaining his number or have already booked that date but would like to ensure you have a great time, keeping these excellent topics for conversation and questions in mind will ensure that you will have a blast.

what to talk about a girl

What to talk about with a girl you like

Engaging in a chat with someone that you are interested in isn’t as difficult as you imagine. These interesting topics will help keep you on the right path. When you’ve got the conversation moving you’ll be at ease and things will flow more easily. Preparing some topics for your sleeves in case of emergencies gives you peace of mind as well as confidence that you are able to speak to anyone and especially one you love.

1. about her Childhood

We’ve all experienced it in our childhood. Many of your fondest memories are from this period however, other ones could be less embarrassing. Spend some time with one of your girls and discuss your childhood. Maybe you have funny prepubescent moments or even a mishap at the playground you’ll laugh about in the present.

Reminiscing about your childhood will alleviate tensions and make you appear more likable. It also goes far in opening up your vulnerabilities and establishing trust and connection. If you think of this girl as a close friend or something else in the past, you can use your childhood memories as an excellent way to build intimacy.

2. About Family and Friends

The conversation about family or social connections you enjoy will show the girl you cherish those connections and can show you’re willing to open up to her. A mature male telling how much he enjoys having time spent with his grandma or his parents during his spare time is a very charming idea in terms of topics for discussion are concerned.

Find out whether the two of you have any shared acquaintances or friends. The presence of mutual acquaintances will give an opportunity for you to connect. Additionally, by having an overview of her acquaintances you’ll have an understanding of her life as a person.

If you’re a newcomer to the area and haven’t had the chance to meet many friends, this is an excellent opportunity to start an acquaintance or introduce the individuals you’ve met.

3. About School life

Discussing the places and times you attended school is a wonderful way to get to know girls. The higher education level is where the majority of people are and they typically, they share the same experiences doing things like that. No matter if you attended the same college as the girl in question as well, you ought to be easy to connect with her stories about your college days.

Discuss living with roommates and dorm life. Perhaps you have friends with those same individuals. Compare notes on famous campus tales. Do not forget to tell her about your accomplishments so she’s aware that you’ve got intellect, but don’t talk about it overly!


There’s no lack of things to talk about with a girl you work with, and a little workplace banter can go a long way towards breaking the ice.

Of course, if you meet a girl you like outside of work, you can and should still ask about her work and talk about yours. Work discussions can help reveal a lot about a person.

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5. Favorite destinations

Make sure to discover the places she hangs out. Learn more you can about her hobbies and find a new place to go. If you’re both avid readers You can also compare the libraries or bookstores you go to. If she’s spending time in parks around the area, you’ll be able to tell she’s fond of being outdoors.

6. Entertainment

Discussing the best entertainment options can help a discussion keep going. Provide some suggestions and indicate your curiosity about what she suggests to you. The music and films you love can tell something about someone and they can assist you in finding different perspectives on what you can discuss with her. After all, it is when people meet others who share the same kinds of entertainment and have strong connections, they tend to be formed quicker.

You are free to discuss the topic of conversation, like the novel you’ve recently read or the last concert you attended. Find out whether she’s a sports enthusiast and if you both cheer on the same teams. It could be the chance to arrange plans in the near future to take part in something that you and your partner enjoy.

9. Travel

Discussions about travel are an issue that is broad enough to be covered during a conversation. It doesn’t matter if you or your partner frequently travel or not isn’t a reason to keep it away from the discussion. This is the time to discover if she’s looking to travel, what is her favorite travel destination or even where she’d been when she’s been traveling frequently.

Discussions about travel can be informative and enjoyable. She may have thrilling experiences, or she may be interested in hearing you talk about your experiences. Be careful not to be proud of your jet-setting lifestyle. It can be less entertaining and frustrating. Concentrate on her travels and reply by sharing your own experiences when it’s relevant or lead to other topics to talk about.

10. about Future

If you’re only beginning to chat with girls, you’ll need to talk about the future. However, any discussion about the future should not be too heavy at the beginning. If things are just beginning between you and someone you enjoy, especially if this is the first time you’ve had a conversation with her-you must keep it light and fun.

Discuss your five-year goals or go the sci-fi path and dream the future of the world together. Make sure to have fun while doing it! It’s not a formal conversation, but an interview. employment interview.


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